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Custom Make Dress Service

We know how important rites of passages and customs are, including the dress. We take the design, creation and quality of our gowns seriously, because we know first hand what this day means to you. We look forward to making it the very best night of your life. Our team can customize your own gowns in any color, size and style according to your requirements.

Sometimes you see a wonderful dress design picture, and you like to own one set of it. We are here to make this come true. Just take a picture of it and then email/send to us with the desired material description, and we will custom make it for you.

We will also add/remove/modify any desirable/undesirable items in the design that you like to change.

 And you may design your own dress too. After you are satisfied with your final design, send it to us and we will make it for you, without extra charge.

Create a dress as unique as you are. Designing your Quince dress in easy in three very simple steps.

First choose one of our exclusine gowns below. Next select the main color for your gown. The entire dress will made using this selection. Choose your trim color - this color will highlight the delicate details of the gown, the appliques, sash or hand-made flower details. Next choose your jacket - lace or satin. We'll match your jacket to your dress color, perfectly.

If you have any quesiton, please contact us freely.

You can make a payment with your Creadit Cards.


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